Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vacation of a Lifetime

Recently, life gave me the opprotunity to go on an awesome vacation to Edinburgh, London, and Paris! It was a wonderful thing, but, I am not going to blog about that vacation. Sorry.

I am here to discuss a psychological phenomenon that seems to be spreading like an epidemic! I call it "Linear Living." My definition : Linear Living occurs when a person has lost all sense of magic and hope.

LLers are the folks who, upon hearing you are going on, oh I dunno, a Mexican Cruise, say "That's the vacation of a Lifetime!" To me, that implies that one can only (should only?) take that particular vacation once. Why? Who made those rules? I used a Mexican Cruise as an example because they really are not that expensive, and with the right planning almost anyone can take one, or two, or a dozen.

But, it is this kind of mentality that completely befuddles me. I use vacation as an example, but it is deeper than that.

It's your neighbor who goes grocery shopping in her pajamas then goes home, curls her hair and watches TV.

It's your aunt who thinks you are crazy for eating sushi but refuses to even try it herself.

It's your best friend, maybe, who saves and saves, and waits and waits, then finds that she's forgotten what she was saving for, let alone what she was waiting for.


Live like there's no tomorrow, because - there isn't! It's always a day away!