Sunday, February 7, 2010

Too many voices in my head...

David and Lauren
Michael and Elle
Aiden and Elizabeth
Aaron and Kate

Yes, these are all the heros/heroines in the books I am writing.

David and Lauren Book I is almost done!

David and Lauren Book II is on it's way to being done.

Michael and Elle is almost done.

Aiden and Elizabeth is planned.

Aaron and Kate is in it's infancy.

I am contantly being nagged by each of these personalities about their stories. David will interrupt my shower with dialogue. Elizabeth will pout at me while I'm driving, wondering why I haven't spent any time with her for a few days.

Of course, if this were all literally happening to me, you could call the looney bin. But, I am trying to illustrate the way a writer's mind works. It's in constant motion. I cannot shut it off. With every trip to the store, or every play of a song, I am wondering "What if..."

What if Aiden worked in another city? What if Elizabeth were married to the zoo Vet? What if Aaron has a handicap (I always thing men with canes are sexy - I mean young men, of course!)? What if Kate didn't win the drawing?

I owe it to my characters to see their stories through to their happy endings. They have become my friends.