Thursday, September 23, 2010


Another poem, inspired by a tarantula that crossed my path during a recent hike. One Native American interpretation of a Tarantula's symbolism is "Grandmother"...


Grandmother Spider appears
And speaks to my heart
“Take care of yourself
And keep up your art.”

“Ok, I will,”
I promise her spirit.
But something distracts me
That sound, did you hear it?

I forgot to write it down,
The idea that I had.
The one that was golden
And now I am mad.

But, laundry is full
And beds are unmade.
I’ll remember it soon
When I rest in the shade.

Where’d the time go?
It’s already tonight.
The clock hands are spinning
And nothing is right.

A new day has come,
What was I thinking?
Yesterday’s idea but
A ship that is sinking.

The dishes are dirty
The dog needs to eat.
The kids are out playing
I make the house neat.

Another day gone
And another one yet
Another, another
How many do I get?

What was that idea?
The one that was gold?
I can’t recall it now
I guess I’m getting old.

One day I can’t move
In a box in the ground
Too busy to breathe
There is no more sound.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Common Sense

Random thought...

Why do they call it "common sense", when it really isn't all that common?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why Do Things Have To Change?

When something works well, why is it human nature to go and change it (then complain that it doesn't work well anymore). Are we just looking for something to complain about?

I used to looove McDonald's chocolate milkshakes when I was younger. They used to have little icy chunks of goodness in them, and they tasted like dairy Heaven. But, about 15 years ago they changed the recipe, God knows why, and now they make them with something that coats your tongue like a layer of lacquer paint. It's gross. I've seen them poured out on parking lot asphalt and they still look like a "milkshake". They keep the consistency. Why? What have they added to make this pseudo dairy impersonator - plastic?

In the 15 or so years since they changed my beloved shake recipe, I have moved on to Dairy Queen's version. It's edible and I can count on it tasting the same no matter what Dairy Queen I go to.

But, I really miss my McDonald's shakes, even 15 years later. Wendy's better never change their Frosty recipe!