Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tracking Unicorns

“You’re chasing rainbows”
Is what they would say
When they would go forward
And I’d go my way.

“You’re tracking unicorns”
They’d tease me in jest.
And snicker behind me
As if they knew best.

“Your head’s in the clouds”
I’ve heard it before
Whenever I’ve opened
An imaginary door.

“Just stop dreaming,
And decide what to be.
You’ll never make it,
Can’t you just see?”

“Be serious, calm down,”
They tried to discourage
But I never listened,
And that’s why I flourish!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What People Say Vs. What They Think

Why is it that people say one thing when they really mean something else? Why would someone say an unsolicited “I’m happy for you,” when they really aren’t? Is it because we are conditioned to act a certain way; that we should believe and accept certain things because they are considered “good” rather or not they really are “good”?

Pretend you have a friend that is fast on her way to becoming a serious workaholic. When she gets promoted at work do you tell her that you are happy for her because you know that’s the right thing to say, or do you tell her that you think that she already has too much on her plate? If you tell her the truth you risk her wrath (or cold shoulder), but if you don’t, you will risk loosing that part of yourself that screams from within for you to TELL THE TRUTH. With every lipservice, that part gets shoved further and further back into the storage closet of our minds/hearts and before we know it we’re walking around like robots saying “That’s nice, I’m so happy for you,” nodding our heads and smiling, instead of gently telling them that you think they bit off more than they can chew.

Years down the road, while recounting your life with your friend one night at a bar, you may finally confess that you didn’t think they should have taken that job. And, they will look at you with weak, weary eyes and tell you that they wished that you would have talked them out of it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Deal with People that Drive You Insane


S – Seek shelter. Shelter in the form of a friend, family member or colleague that doesn’t eat your soul.

U – “Unlearn What You Have Learned.” – Yoda. Who says you have to be nice to everyone?

R – Resist. Resist the urge to play their game right back at them. Although temporarily fun, this tactic will always backfire on you. Always.

R – Respect your intuition. Listen to your heart when it is telling you that someone is not quite right in the noggin.

E – Establish firm boundaries. Moats, tar pits, flypaper, whatever is near and handy.

N – Never back down. Don’t let them take your soul. Fight.

D – Don’t try sarcasm. They won’t get it. Ever.

E – Eat your cake, Damnit! Who says you can’t eat the piece of cake in front of you? And, don’t let them make you feel guilty about it.

R – Remember. The best weapon you have against soul eaters is a good memory. That way, when they pull out their bag of tricks, you already know what’s in it and can shut it down before the rabbit even sticks one ear out!