Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Rules

It seems as if there is a secret club the majority of people belong to, that I am either not welcome in or not privy to the secret code of membership.  You have to follow the rules to belong to this club, rules that I do not know because I am obviously not a member.    

Membership cards to this club are passed out as frequently as social security cards, based upon the statistics of the people that seem to belong to it. 

So, what club is this?  It’s the "People That Know the Rules, and Live By Them" club..  It’s the people that look at me like I’m crazy if I say or do something that doesn’t fall within the lines of the rules set forth by their club.  It’s the people that seem amused by my struggle to understand some concept that they take for granted because they live it every day. 

And, where did these rules come from?  I have some theories.  One theory is that the rules came from church.  Notice, I didn’t say that they came from the Bible - I’m pretty familiar with those rules.  No, the rules in this club seem to have come from some religious organization.  Either that, or they have been passed down from generation to generation, the foundation of the rules now as barren as the land on the family farm that’s been handed down with them.  But, by God, the members will follow them anyway because they are The Rules!
To the members – I don’t know your rules. Besides, who says your rules are right?  Who says I'm not as good as you are, even if I don't follow the "Club" rules?

I AM NOT a member.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


No light but the moon
Illuminating my way.
Trees embrace me
There is nothing to say.
A rustle to my left
Should cause alarm.
But my breath is steady
There’s nothing to harm.
A moment of peace
When everything is known.
Mysteries unveiled
Destinies shown.
Orion guards the scene
From his post in the sky.
Fragile human and demi-God
Alone, him and I.
There’s no better classroom
Than the woods at night.
Only when fear is conquered
Comes the gift of sight.