Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I BeLIEve an Apology is Owed

     Ugh, I feel the need to apologize to a certain Vegas magician.  See, about 14 years ago, this guy was on some obscure TV show, and I was blown away by him.  I thought his style was fantastic, and I went so far as to find his website and send him an email saying that he should come to Vegas.  He responded with a "Thanks!" and other stuff that I don't recall now.  Fast forward a few years and a few more TV spots later, and low and behold, there he is...right on the Strip in big letters!  Headlining his own show.  Wow! 

     I was able to see this show and well... lets just say it did not meet my expectations.  Maybe it was an off night.  Maybe it was the dove that crapped on my friend's leg during the show (yes, that happened).  Maybe it was the fact that our seats were positioned in the wrong part of the theatre and we could actually see the strings.  Whatever the case... I was not blown away.  I was embarrassed. 

      Since then I have made vague negative comments regarding his show and his "new" persona to people when his name is mentioned, always feeling a twinge of guilt.

     Then I started realizing all the things that he does for Las Vegas.  Sure, he may be a goofball, and his tricks may have looked better on TV, but he uses his success to help others.  I heard today that our local women's shelter was in need of kitty litter (they not only house women and children, but also their pets - which I think is awesome), and who was down there within an hour with about 30 bags of litter?  This magician!  Of course he was.  He cares, and in this day and age, that's a magical thing. 

      I apologize for making fun of his show.  I've heard that it's been revamped, and I hope they used invisible strings now...and potty trained doves! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Peace Out, Man!

     It’s true that we are all unique products of special ingredients (genes).  In theory there are an infinite number of alternate universes out there where each one of us have grown up under different circumstances, but, we will never be able to know if the other “us’s” turned out different or the same.  The idea that our environment alters our course through life is an inaccurate theory because, as of yet, I don’t believe that anyone has successfully ventured to another dimension and back to find out if this is true. 
     That’s where the idea of a collective unconscious comes from.  There are things that societies in general seem to agree upon, no matter what society that is.  Child abuse is bad – everyone tends to agree on that for the most part (yet, it still happens).  Cruelty to animals is bad (again, most everyone seems to agree on that) but it still happens.  The collective unconscious of the entire body of living people that have walked the earth, or are currently walking it, seem to be in the constant pursuit of peace.
     So, why is violence and chaos still rampant?  Because “peace” is a matter of personal definition, and the path to peace is as varied as the definition.  No one likes to be uncomfortable.  And, what one person may find uncomfortable, someone else may find comfort in.  

     So, I submit there will ultimately be no world peace.  None!  And the reason is because we cannot agree on a definition.