Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Woods

No light but the moon
Illuminating my way.
Trees embrace me
There is nothing to say.

A rustle to my left
Should cause alarm
But my breath is steady
There’s nothing to harm.

A moment of peace
When everything is known.
Mysteries unveiled
Destinies shown.

Orion guards the scene
From his post in the sky.
Fragile human and demi-God
Alone, him and I.

There’s no better classroom
Than the woods at night.
Only when fear is conquered
Comes the gift of sight.


  1. Holy crap you exist! I haven't been able to email you because the email I have was hijacked by spammers and they've been spamming me non-stop. How can we talk?

  2. Elise! How is your email situation? I tried to write you on FB but I think that might be all messed up as well? How can we talk....hmmm.... I still have the same email. Do you have a new one yet? What a pain in the ass to have to set everything up again. Ugh, I feel for ya!