Monday, November 1, 2010

The Black Hole

Yes, I'm talking about the internet.

Sometimes I wonder if it has really made life any easier. Why? Settle in for a spell and learn about my magical jouney down the yellow toner road.

First, I had to sign onto my credit card's website. After locating the link (which was moved. again.) I had to sign onto the rewards site. I then had to locate my items among the thousands of retailers on said rewards site. Finally, I selected a random cheap retailer, was transferred to their site, found my products, set up an account (good thing I have a book to keep all my accounts and passwords organized! I've heard that there are online services that can do that for you, but what if I forgot that password?) 45 minutes into my task I had finally ordered 4 boxes of toner, 1 in each color. 45 minutes of my life, gone.


Now my shoulders are stiff, my right foot is asleep, I have to pee and I've suffered through 3 really bad dog farts as he sleeps (which is also why my right foot is asleep, he is on it).

Hopefully it will be another year before I run out of toner, but the next time it happens I'm going to bite the bullet, get in the car and venture off to Walmart, Office Max or some other chain store so I can be rewarded with blank stares from high school floor workers who end up telling me that they're sold out of my toner and suggesting I order from their website.


  1. Aren't you supposed to be out voting or something?

  2. Let's see...I posted this Monday November 1, at 11:44pm according to the time stamp, so no, I don't think the polls were open then.
    Besides, I voted early.