Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I decided to go back to school at 38 and finish my Associates in Psychology. Why not? I only had four classes left when I got my first degree fifteen years ago. Well, as life has a sense of humor I found out that a lot of the core classes I took “way back then (thank you Mr. Counselor)” no longer count as the core requirements have changed. So what I expected to be a year-long process is looking more like two or two and a half years. But, I am not discouraged. I am energized. I look at it as an opportunity to explore subjects that I wouldn’t have normally explored.

This Fall I am taking Geology and Psychology of Dreams. Geology doesn’t hold an ounce interest for me whatsoever (rocks…ooo, interesting…). But judging from the overall wackiness of the instructor and her jokes about vibrators, it might be interesting after all. The Dreams class, however, is right up my alley. I’ve always been very lucky to be not only a vivid dreamer but a lucid dreamer and as a kid I just assumed that everyone could do the same thing. Well, no, they can’t. The instructor promised everyone in the packed class that by the end of the semester we will all not only be able to recall more dreams, analyze them and decipher their meanings, but also we will be able to dream with lucidity. I am so excited to see this happen for the rest of the class. It really is such a great feeling to be awake and aware during my dreams and I wish it for everyone.

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  1. I got my associates in Psych. I don't use it professionally, but am so glad I decided to finish. Now, it's bachelors in English Lit :)