Wednesday, September 14, 2011


While I was camping in Zion over the weekend I had some time to sit in the quiet under the silver light of the full moon and think. I’ve been trying to come up with a definition of “Who I Am” for some time now. I think that’s a tough one for anyone to answer and I don’t really feel like I’m any closer to the answer than I ever have been. But, I did make a few discoveries.

1.People should not be judged by their hobbies.

Ex: Someone drives a Harley – they are a hellion.
Ex: I like to camp - I don’t like cities.
Ex: I have a tattoo – I’m rebellious.

These are incorrect judgments based on unfair and ungrounded generalizations. If someone were to define themselves by one small aspect of their lives, then they are hiding.

2.I discovered a few things that I am NOT.

I am NOT close-minded.
I am NOT a quitter.
I am NOT moldable.

3.I discovered one thing that I AM.


Saying that I am adaptable rather than moldable is actually quite accurate. To say that someone is moldable implies that they allow someone or something else to have complete control of them, to shape them as they see fit. I will never allow that.

However, to say that I am adaptable is correct because adapting is a conscious effort on one’s own part. I am easily able to adapt in many situations and social arenas. In high school I was able to befriend and hang out with kids from all the different cliques. I’m a chameleon of sorts, and I think this is a good thing. I believe that life is full of endless possibilities, and the ability to adapt is key to experiencing all of those.

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  1. Driving is a descriptor for something one sits in or behind. Riding is for something one sits on!