Monday, June 10, 2013

If only...

I was lucky enough to see Billy Idol perform recently.  I’ve always loved him and it was a great show.  Plus, he’s almost 60 years old (I’m guessing) and he looks AMAZING!  I mean, he is in SHAPE.  But, I don’t want to blog about that.  What I want to blog about is the mindset about the relationship between being in shape, and being rich.
See, as I was excitedly telling a friend about the show, I also mentioned that he was still in incredible shape.  Her reaction? “Well, that’s what money can buy for you.”  Ummm, I had to pause at that and change the subject.   There is something so wrong with that statement, in my opinion.  Money cannot buy health (or happiness for that matter).  On the same note, being poor doesn’t make you unhealthy.  I realize these are general statements, but for the sake of this blog I’m going to pretend that we’re only talking about people living in the United States.
Being healthy is a choice!  It’s a mindset.  There are no magic pills that melt fat (yet).  I’m willing to bet that even if you are on a limited income, you can eat healthy.  Eating healthy is cheaper than eating poorly.  You could even grow your own produce from scraps.   And, as far as working out…running, squats, pushups, sit ups, dancing, walking, all of these activities are free and easy to do wherever you are.   Drink lots of water!
My point is that being healthy and fit has very little to do with your income.  I have known “rich” people that are unhealthy and poor people that are healthy and happy.   It is a mindset based on self discipline. 
No doubt Billy works hard on his abs.  Money can’t buy someone else to work his abs for him.  They’re his!  I can’t help but wonder what he would say to someone who said that his body looked the way it does because of his money.  Would he be offended?  Nah, not Billy!  He would probably curl his lips up into his signature sneer, nod his head, then turn and walk away. 

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